Best Reviews Graham Slee The Voyager Portable Headphone Amplifier

Graham Slee The Voyager Portable Headphone AmplifierBest Reviews Graham Slee The Voyager Portable Headphone Amplifier

With so many available these days, it is good to have a brand you can recognise. The Graham Slee The Voyager Portable Headphone Amplifier is certainly that and will be a excellent purchase. For this reduced price, the Graham Slee The Voyager Portable Headphone Amplifier is widely respected and is always a regular choice for lots of people.

  • Fully Portable Headphone Amplifier - Long Battery Life
  • Powerful Sound
  • Pod Player Size Match
  • Lightweight - 180g
  • Street 'Phones Contour-Boost Switch

Product Description

Well its finally here nearly 2.5 years in the making we are now totally certain it has been worth the wait. Featuring all of Graham Slee's knowledge and the know how to apply it we have a mini (portable) headphone amplifier (battery USB and plug top powered) that can take any line level source amplify and improve it to give real volume and kick to any headphones or earphones. With a form the size of an IPod Classic (6th generation) but being thicker the IPod can sit easily in the front recess of the Voyager mating together to create a formidable partnership. A number of other Pod players also fit. A separately available 3.5mm to 3.5mm cable allows the 'headphone out' of the player to go into the 'line in' giving excellent results and superb volume and bass. However when you buy a port to 3.5mm adapter bypassing the amp circuits of the Pod player and there inferior digital volume control this allows the Voyager to really impress. We compared it against newer and older model Solos and we liked greatly what we heard. The Voyager is light weight similar in feel to that of a classic pod player and comes fitted street-wear contour switch that is designed to improve the tonal range of street-wear headphones. For use with domestic and studio players that use Hi-Fi or studio headphones the flat position is generally more appropriate. The Voyager can be used in the office taking its input from line-out sources like the 3.5mm jack on many computers. While in use at the desktop it can be powered by a spare USB cord having a mini AB plug. The Voyager is supplied with an AC adapter that can power it when used at home or in the office. In use so fare we have chargers our G6 IPod 80Gb 4 times for 1 charge of the 200mAh NIMH PP3 9v cell and Its still going. Hi-Fi and studio quality stereo headphones can be used with the Voyager. When using high impedance headphones at home (typically 300 Ohm types and above) it is best used with high output line-level sources like a CD player ampli.