Review Ion Audio USB Cassette Archiver TAPE2PC

Ion Audio USB Cassette Archiver TAPE2PCReview Ion Audio USB Cassette Archiver TAPE2PC

With so many available these days, it is good to have a brand you can trust. The Ion Audio USB Cassette Archiver TAPE2PC is certainly that and will be a superb purchase. For this price, the Ion Audio USB Cassette Archiver TAPE2PC is highly recommended and is always a regular choice with lots of people.

Product Description

QNAP TS-239 Pro is the new generation 2-bay model of the worldwide award-winning Turbo NAS Series designed to deliver high performance and reliable server features such as advanced RAID protection, built-in iSCSI target service, and AES 256-bit volume-based encryption for small business. Powered by Intel 1.6 GHz CPU and 1GB DDRII memory, the TS-239 Pro is the 2-bay NAS with the best hardware specifications in the current market. The NAS comes with two Giga LAN ports which can be configured for network failover, load-balancing, and multi-IP setting. Advanced disk configurations such as RAID 0/ 1, JBOD, Online RAID Capacity Expansion and Online RAID Level Migration are supported. The TS-239 Pro can serve as a NAS and an iSCSI target server. You can make use of the iSCSI target service to set up the NAS as a device for storage capacity expansion or a backup server of the existing servers on the local network. The ?Virtual Space Allocation? (Thin Provisioning) feature is provided that you can flexibly allocate the capacity of iSCSI LUN (Logical Unit Number) at the beginning regardless of the physical volume capacity of the NAS. To