Best Review for Denon DM38 DAB Hi-Fi System in Silver

Denon DM38 DAB Hi-Fi System in SilverBest Review for Denon DM38 DAB Hi-Fi System in Silver

With so many on offer today, it is great to have a name you can trust. The Denon DM38 DAB Hi-Fi System in Silver is certainly that and will be a great purchase. For this price, the Denon DM38 DAB Hi-Fi System in Silver comes highly recommended and is always a popular choice amongst most people.

  • Ethernet Connectivit-N
  • Power-45
  • Power Consumption-150
  • Standby Power-0.2
  • Wireless-No

Product Description

Denon audio technology expertly combined ... to produce a smooth, dynamic sound? "Simple & Straight" circuit design for sound purity and free of coloration. Denon's popular M series gives you high sound quality based on the "simple & straight" concept. Circuitry is uncomplicated, signal paths are short, and all adverse influences on sound quality have been minimised. The circuit design and the way the chassis is built ensure that the sound you hear is utterly faithful to the original performance.? Triple noise reduction design to preserve signal purityIn an audio component where various circuits, boards, and wire layouts can influence each other, it is not possible to obtain satisfying specifications or sound simply by strengthening the power amp circuit. Denon has therefore eliminated three sources of noise to ensure that the sound is as clean as possible.? Smooth, dramatic sound with negligible distortionDistortion from the input selector, electronic volume an