Best Review of Sylvanian Families Regency Hotel

Sylvanian Families Regency HotelBest Review of Sylvanian Families Regency Hotel

With so many available today, it is wise to have a brand you can trust. The Sylvanian Families Regency Hotel is certainly that and will be a excellent purchase. For this great price, the Sylvanian Families Regency Hotel comes highly recommended and is always a regular choice with most people.

  • It can be opened or closed
  • Comes with 25 accessories including topiary plants, reception desk, luggage and luggage trolley

Product Description

Give your Sylvanian Families figures a splendid holiday retreat at the Regency Hotel. This grand building is a magnificent redbrick house, that has been turned into a luxurious hotel with three storeys and   nine spacious rooms. Guests can enjoy the view from the balcony,  or relax in the sun on the rooftop terrace, while Basil the chef and Suzette the waitress  make sure the visitors are happy, comfortable and well-fed during thier stay. The Regency Hotel comes with a reception desk with pigeon holes, a bellhop trolley with cases,  four bushes to decorate the hotel grounds and a working chandelier light which can be hung in several places around the building. Please note: Other figures and accessories pictured are not included. Features Large Sylvanian Families hotel Opens out to reveal three floors and nine rooms Working chandelier light fitting Balcony and rooftop terrace Basil the chef and Suzette the waitress figures Reception desk with pigeon holes Bellhop trolley with luggage Four bush accessories