Best Reviews of Leitmotiv Floor Lamp, Retro, Three Lights

Leitmotiv Floor Lamp, Retro, Three LightsBest Reviews of Leitmotiv Floor Lamp, Retro, Three Lights

With so many on offer today, it is great to have a name you can trust. The Leitmotiv Floor Lamp, Retro, Three Lights is certainly that and will be a great acquisition. For this great price, the Leitmotiv Floor Lamp, Retro, Three Lights is highly respected and is a regular choice with lots of people.

  • Height 168cm
  • Excludes Bulbs
  • Retro style light

Product Description

The Present Time Leitmotiv Retro Floor Lamp is the perfect lighting centrepiece for any room. Whether you’re looking for a new light to step up your style, or the right piece to create a modern and sophisticated atmosphere, the Retro Floor Lamp is the light fixture for you. With three bulbs facing different directions, the Retro Floor Lamp projects the light evenly to fill the room. With simple installation, the floor lamp can be added easily to any room. Leitmotiv: a word described in the dictionary as a recurring phrase or theme in a work of art, literature or music that illustrates key features. Leitmotiv products are so called to reflect their strong and timeless design elements that appear in each and every collection. Their products surprise everybody with daring and challenging products, which makes this collection unique to the world. Leitmotiv used to be known as a designer brand offering both up-and-coming and established designers the opportunity to have their ideas put into production. These products varied from tea light holders to small furniture and lighting. Some of the designed products are still part of Leitmotiv’s current collection. Today, Leitmotiv stands for a carefully composed collection of small furniture and lighting products. Each season sees Leitmotiv harnessing the stand-out talents of external designers from around the world; thus producing a collection that offers everybody the opportunity to add a design touch to his or her living room. Twice a year Leitmotiv’s creative department travels the world looking for suppliers that can bring their ideas and designs to life. They also visit many international fairs looking for eye-catching products and ideas that tie every living room together. Special attention is paid to products that are outstanding in shape, colour, price and of course functionality. Having assembled a host of cutting edge products, only the very best products pass through the ever-critical collection meetings at the Present Time Head Office in Almere and in to the latest, exclusive Leitmotiv collection. Present Time is a brand factory specialized in wholesale gifts and home decoration items. Present Time’s mission is to allow contemporary design to add fun and a personal touch to life.